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You can request a booking, make an enquiry, or check availability regarding a property/properties  by filling in the form below and clicking submit.

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Availability, plus Lease and Payment Details

We shall contact you to confirm availability of the property/properties and to answer any questions which you may have.

Once your booking has been accepted, we shall mail you your Lease which, provided that it is satisfactory, you should sign and date and return to us, together with 25% (or as indicated on the website details for that property) of the rent plus the Booking and Security Deposit. All Leases will be countersigned by the owner/s, and this having been done, tenants will be mailed a copy of the completed document, plus directions to the property.

The 75% (or as indicated on the website details for that property) balance of your rent will be payable 6 weeks (or as indicated on the website deyas for that property) before the start of your tenancy/charter, whilst the Booking and Security Deposit will be returned to you by us within 8 weeks of its conclusion, less any quantified deductions for any breakages, damages and/or losses.

Please note that we accept payment by cheque, banker's draft or interbank (wire) transfer, all in Pounds Sterling (UK).

We would be delighted to mail to applicants the printed particulars of any of our properties.

Other Details:

Facilities, Rents, Terms & Conditions, and Handover Procedures are to be found on the individual property pages on our website.