A day trip to Cahors

Cahors is an incredible destination, particularly for history lovers. There are 120 buildings listed as historical monuments in the city.

It was during the Roman occupation that the area became known for producing wine and linen, it is known as the centre of AOC Black Wine, which has been produced since the middle ages and exported via Bordeaux, long before the region becames famous for its own viniculture industry.

Things to see in Cahors include:

  • The Valentré Bridge - the symbol of the town, construction of this impressive structure took place from 1308 - 1378
  • Cathédrale Saint-Étienne, a national monument.
  • The 14th Century Saint-Barthélémy Church
  • Arc de Diane
  • The barbican that once defended the Barre Gate.
  • The 15th Century Maison Henri IV or Hôtel de Roaldès