Chariot Racing and Gladiator Fighting!

Why not visit the city of Nîmes, where you can see the wonderful Arènes de Nîmes, built in the first century this stunning, well preserved arena, was used for chariot racing and gladiator fighting.

This amazing oval shaped structure, said to be the best preserved amphitheatres of all of them, measures 133 metres long and 101 metres wide, with an arena of 68 by 38 metres. Its exterior façade comprises two floors of 60 superimposed arches.

In Roman times it is estimated that the theatre could hold an amazing 24,000 spectators, each one with an unrestricted view of the whole arena. The arena also featured galleries underneath, allowing an impressive entrance via trapdoors into the arena by gladiators, chariots and animals, ready for the bloodthirsty battle to commence!

The arena also features two discovery areas, the Gladiators Quarters, where you can see some of the gladiators weapons and costumes, and the Colours of the corrida exhibition where you can enjoy the beauty and the colours of the world of the corrida.

The arena often hosts reenactments of famous battles and Roman games, often so popular that all 24,000 seats in the arena are filled, giving an actual representation of the atmosphere some 2000 years ago.

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